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2102, 2019

Exclusive Event

Join Simply Elegant to view the latest in advanced beauty technology, as we let you in on some of the best kept secrets in the industry. Find out about alternates to cosmetic surgery that deliver visible results with no down time.

Look forward to unique offers, live demonstrations plus your chance to meet the […]

2102, 2019

Celebrity Skin Treatments

Oxygen Intraceuticals Facials are one of the biggest celebrity secrets. Celebrities love them because they make your skin look more plumped-up and dewy before a performance or red carpet appearance. This is the celebrity go to right before any important event. Oxygen facials are always performed the day of a big event. A big advantage […]

2102, 2019

Hollywood Skin Secrets (skincare routine of the stars)

Who says it’s all in the genes?

Those who say they were born with great skin could be partly correct but nothing beats an impeccable skincare routine. We’ve curated Hollywood stars’ skin secrets. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard these tips before but we’d like to include our professional advice and recommendations:


Shelly Goodstein, […]

2102, 2019


For your chance to win simply purchase any of our Celebrity Skin Care programs or two Skin Care Products.

2102, 2019

Celebrity Makeover Menu

Over the next two months Simply Elegant will be sharing the secrets of Hollywood’s finest.  From the state-of-the-art beauty treatments, the Celebrities use to look younger to your favourite Celebrities beauty regime.

Exclusive to Simply Elegant during this time we have Celebrity packages that we will leave you radiant and glowing. Included in these packages are state-of-the-art Facial Treatments and your […]

2102, 2019

Welcome to March Enews

Over the next two months Simply Elegant will be sharing the secrets of Hollywood’s finest.  From the state-of-the-art beauty treatments the Celebrities use to look younger to your favourite Hollywood stars beauty regime.

Have you ever wondered how celebrities maintain their flawless complexions, despite their lifestyles of frequent sun exposure? How do some celebrities seem to […]

102, 2019

Take years off your complexion

Achieve younger, healthier beautiful Skin

With age, you may notice that the skin that was once taut is now becoming a little lax. Although genetics play a huge part in the amount of elasticity we have in our skin, you can give your skin an immense lift with our High Performance Skin Treatments.  They act like […]

102, 2019

Summer Skin Tips

Make the switch! – It’s important to keep skin hydrated in the warmer months but this doesn’t mean we need to use a rich cream! Change to a light cream that is easily absorbed and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin but will still drench it with much needed moisture. Try the Timexpert Lift […]

801, 2019

Beach-Ready Skin

When you think of beach bodies or getting ready for the beach, you often focus your attention on a person’s physique. While that is certainly part of getting “beach-ready,” we cannot forgo the importance of effortlessly flawless skin.

There’s nothing better than walking along the beach with a beautiful skin that seems to glow. If you’re […]

801, 2019

NEW Summer Skin Program

Refresh your skin with our NEW Summer Skin Program. Achieve long lasting results for your skin with 6 High Performance Facials and a $50 product bonus to put towards your skincare products. Perfect way to start your New Year!
Select 6 facials from the below:
1. Anti-Ageing Facial
2. Professional Peel
3. Led Facial
4. Radiant Glow Facial
5. Microdermabrasion Facial
6. […]