There’s nothing better than walking along the beach with a beautiful skin that seems to glow. If you’re looking to achieve glowing skin without having to apply tons of baby oil, then you’re going to love these five beauty tips to get your skin beach ready.

1. Exfoliation

For smooth and radiant skin, exfoliation is the key. Body scrubs, help get rid of the dead layers of skin that might be lingering. Products that exfoliate aren’t strictly for the face, so feel free to apply it to other parts of the body. You should be exfoliating regularly to achieve polished results. Since products that exfoliate tend to work best with moisture, try applying it once daily during a shower.

2. Hydrate

Moisturizing is an important step in keeping the skin looking flawless. You should apply moisturiser to the skin on a daily basis for the best results. Not only should you be utilizing a lotion to hydrate the skin, but you should also be drinking a good amount of water. Your skin must be hydrated from the inside out and while lotion might help it to look great for a few minutes, water is ultimately what helps it look great at all times.

3. Wax

Whether you’re wearing a one piece, bikini, or a tankini, you’re going to want to remove the hair from your body so that you can show off your beautiful skin. Though there are plenty of methods for removing hair from the body, many women find that waxing works best. It gets rid of the stubble that may be present and also gives the skin a glossy finish.

4. Color

If your skin happens to be very pale — like you’ve spent a better part of the winter indoors — then you may want to add a bit of color to your skin before hitting the beach. Rather than the risk of burning your skin by tanning in the backyard, you could opt to come into the salon for a spray tan. Spray Tans give your skin an immediate glow!

5. Protect

Lastly, you’ll need to start wearing the proper protection for your skin. Though many assume that sunscreen is only to be used during the summer months, the sun is around all year long. You can still get sunburn and skin cancer during the winter. To give your skin a fighting chance at the elements that lie ahead, it is best to start wearing sunscreen You can purchase moisturizers and even makeup that contains SPF 15, 30, or higher to give you the protection you need daily.

Follow each of these five beauty secrets over the next two months and you are sure to see a significant difference in the way your skin looks and feels.