In this age of social distancing, many of us are being responsible and choosing to stay home.

While this is a “forced stay-cation”, let’s look on the bright side and believe that it isn’t so bad, especially when it basically forces you to find things to do at home to keep you busy and help fill up your time.

When you finally manage to do a beauty edit of your cosmetics, you may even discover a thing or two about your beauty habits that you never realized!

Here are some ways you can spend your precious hours at home as we patiently wait out this virus.

If it doesn’t spark joy or is expired, bin it

One of the most satisfying things about cleaning is discovering an expired mascara or lipstick and telling yourself that it has served you well but it’s time to go – so you can make space for your new purchases!

It may be your favourite mascara or lip colour but there’s nothing beautiful about getting an infected eye or lip.

Makeup tools do not self-disinfect

Your makeup tools from brushes to sponges are meant to be washed. Dermatologists recommend that you wash your makeup brushes once a week or at least twice a month.

They pick up products, dirt and sweat every time you use them so, if they remain unwashed for weeks and months, you will just be contaminating your freshly cleaned skin every time you use your makeup brushes.


Marie Kondo-ing your dressing table

When was the last time that you had a good look through all your products on your dressing table or even did a thorough wipe down?

There’s nothing like a dust-free and organised dressing table so that you can find all your favourite and frequently used products in an easy-to-reach spot.