We have the solution.  With just one treatment you will achieve incredible results!

The World’s leading depigmentation treatment is now available at Simply Elegant.  Developed in Spain, this highly innovated system targets and treats unwanted pigmentation.

The 1st phase involves the application of the de-pigmentation mask.  This is applied at Simply Elegant and is not washed off for up to 10 – 12 hours. (depending on your skin type)

The 2nd phase is an at home skincare routine applied twice a day to enhance the effects of the professional mask.

The 3rd phase includes LED Renewal Treatments. Your 1st LED treatment is performed day 7 and your 2nd LED treatment is performed day 14.

This safe procedure treats the pigmentation formation to deliver a clearer, brighter more youthful complexion.

How does it work?

The treatment works to fade the appearance of existing pigmentation whilst sedating the formation of future excess pigmentation production. The active cosmeceutical ingredients are effective to ensure successful results.

Suitable for all skin types and treats

*pigmentation and ageing skins

*sun damage


*post acne pigmentation

*skin blemishes

This treatment is performed any time of the year including summer.

Your De-Pigmentation Package includes:

1 x Skin Consultation & Skin Imaging

1 x De-Pigmentation Treatment

2 x LED Renewal Treatments

1 x Hydra Milk Cleanser

1 x Hydra Tonic Toner

1 x Treatment Cream

1 x Hydra-vital Intensive Mask

1 x Melan Recovery Cream

1 x Hydra-vital Ultra Moisturising Cream

1 x SPF 50