As we age, our bodies change, often producing more fat and less collagen. The result? A few more ‘unsightly areas’ than we would hope; we get wrinkles in places we never had them, areas start to sag, and cellulite becomes more noticeable. However, there are solutions. The Venus Treatment is one that can make all the difference. Venus is an easy, quick option that provides great results in the fight against aging.

In this blog, learn what you can expect both during a Venus treatment and the in time following it, and find out what kind of results you can realistically expect.

During the Treatment

Each Venus treatment you receive will last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes in duration and you will have multiple sessions for each area you have chosen to have treated. Also keep in mind that the range in duration accounts for the different areas of treatment, so some areas may take longer than others. You will not feel any pain or even any discomfort. Moreover, your treatment will be tailored to your personal preference and comfort level.

In terms of the actual process, an applicator will be used to gradually massage your skin in the areas you want treated. In general, it will feel a bit like a very light and soothing massage.  In fact, many people who have the treatment done actually fall asleep, given how relaxed and soothing they feel.

Following the Treatment

Following treatment, you will not feel any discomfort, either. In fact, you should feel quite calm. Clients often comment that the heat can have a very soothing effect, making them feel relaxed throughout the rest of the day. If the area you had treated was your face, you can feel free to add makeup right away. If you had an area of your body treated, you can put lotion on right away. If you have plans later in the day, you can get to them in no problem. The Venus Treatment really is a no-strings attached, non-invasive, pain-free experience, and there are no precautions or steps you need to take following your treatment.

Expected Results

Keep in mind that the results you can expect from your Venus Treatment build on top of each other for a kind of cumulative effect. This means that following every treatment you should start to see some additional results. Those results can continue to increase in the months following the treatment. In fact, once you have completed your last treatment, you can still expect to see increased improvement in the area for up to 3 months.

Once those 2 to 3 months are up, however, you will begin to notice signs of aging in the areas you had treatment (unfortunately, the treatment does not last forever). This is why we recommend you continue the treatment periodically to help maintain your results. This maintenance does not need to be all that frequent, but the frequency of your additional appointments will be specific to you and your results. For some people, coming back every 2 – 3 months will be sufficient. For others, it may be a little less than that (1-2 months). Again, this will depend on your results and your personal preferences.