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The Hottest Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

So you’ve heard of Skin Rejuvenation, but did you know there is more than one way to rejuvenate your skin? Depending on your skin concern, some forms of Skin Rejuvenation may give you even better results than others – and we always want the best results!
Skin Rejuvenation is an excellent preventative treatment for premature ageing, but it’s also popular for those seeking to give their skin a fresh start. Let’s take a look at our most requested Skin Rejuvenation treatments and what they can do for your individual skin concerns.

1. Hydrodermabrasion
You’ve probably seen or heard about microdermabrasion. This is the process of delivering a professional grade of exfoliation to remove dry, dull and dead outer layers of the skin to reveal fresher, younger and healthier skin underneath. The most advanced form of microdermabrasion is called hydrodermabrasion, a fusion of exfoliation and intensive hydration therapy to instantly make your skin look and feel fabulous. Hydrodermabrasion is great for: smoothing out uneven skin tone, plumping out fine lines and wrinkles, brightening tired, dull skin and treating mild to moderate skin congestion and acne.












2. LED Light Therapy
If you think lights can’t work wonders for your skin, think again. Of course, it has to be a very specific type of light. LED light therapy is a medically established treatment that utilises thousands of specially coloured LED lights to activate the renewal and healing process in your skin. LED is great for: rosacea, redness, inflammation and acne as well as fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and expression ageing.


3. IPL is a wonderfully diverse treatment. It not only can remove unwanted hair, it can also tackle all the most common skin concerns by treating problems like pigmentation, freckles and blemishes with wavelengths of light which convert into heat to non-invasively and painlessly remove or reduce your trouble spots. IPL is great for: reducing skin redness, clearing blemishes and skin congestion, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and evening out skin irregularities.




















4. RF Skin Tightening
Radio Frequency Skin Tightening is perfect if you want to take years off your face without going under the knife. The revolutionary skin lifting treatment, delivered by an advance. RF Skin Tightening Machine, reaches into the epidermal and dermal layers of skin, causing tightening from the inside-out. With no downtime, so you can look fabulous as ever in no time. RF is great for: ageing and loose skin, lines and wrinkles.

RF Skin Tightening

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