Are you using the same products over and over, year after year expecting a different result? Simply Elegant’s 10 Years Events gives you all the answers on how to turn back the clock.
Offering the most up-to-date technology worldwide. With maximum results, we have a large selection of skin treatments to have you looking and feeling amazing.
With age, you may notice that skin that was once taut is now becoming a little lax. Although genetics play a huge part in the amount of elasticity we have in our skin, you can give your skin an immense lift with our High Performance Skin Treatments. Rich in skin-cushioning Collagen and firming Elastin they act like a support stocking for the skin keeping your skin firm.

Program of Events
*Consultation with our Expert Therapist for your skin consultation and treatment program, guaranteed to set you on on your way to revealing the new you.
*Begin your first treatment. Transform your skin with a specialised Facial treatment. Receive a customised home care routine designed to firm, smooth & hydrate your skin.
*Complete your treatment with a light day makeup that reveals your skin natural radiance.
Date : June only
Time : By appointment only
RSVP: Spaces are limited
Ph : 3881 3102