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LED Facials

Once upon a time facials were all about applying a seaweed-green coloured mask on your face – not anymore! Hi-Tech LED facials are here and they are changing the beauty game big time. Read on to learn more about LED light therapy and how it can help you achieve younger, clearer, more radiant skin.


Why we love it!

LED facials are completely comfortable – there is absolutely no pain and the lights are non-irritant so even sensitive skin types can enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of LED facials. Many clients actually fall asleep during treatment, it’s that relaxing. Following treatment, clients are free to get on with their day as usual.

Who can benefit

Anyone who would like to freshen up their complexion, even out their skin tone and boost their skin’s health, vitality and radiance will love the effects of an LED facial. Depending on the severity of your skin condition, a course of treatments may be required and these are spaced at weekly intervals to ensure you can fully process the effects of each treatment.

What it can do

LED facials are very popular with clients seeking an effective solution for anti-ageing treatment that works to firm and tone ageing skin, fade sun spots and smooth out lines, wrinkles and textural irregularities. It’s also a fantastic for clearing up blemishes and marks as well as those wanting to soothe and calm skin redness and blotchiness to reveal a creamier, more flawless complexion.

How it works

Undergoing an LED facial couldn’t be easier – and the futuristic feel makes it a fun bonus! Simply lie back, relax and let the LED lights do all the work. LED is a scientifically-backed light therapy method that utilise thousands of coloured LED lights at cell-specific wavelengths to activate age-defying collagen and elastin production in your skin as well as stimulate cell turnover to restore skin to its optimal health, clarity, suppleness and radiance. Depending on your skin concern, a different coloured light will be used during treatment. LED devices utilise Blue, Red, Green and Yellow wavelengths of LED light.



Pricing on LED

LED Facial treatment $129
Program of 6 LED Facial Treatments $550
Intensive LED Facial Treatment $179
Program of 6 LED Intensive Facial Treatments $850


What is LED?

LED stands for light-emitting diode and is an advanced light-based aesthetic treatment used by therapists to treat a number of common skin concerns ranging from facial redness to blemishes, sun spots to fine lines and wrinkles. The aim of LED facials is to rejuvenate the face and/or décolleté area, clearing problem areas to produce a younger, more uniform complexion without the need for invasive procedures or post-treatment downtime.

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Expert Techniques

Expert Techniques

All of our therapists are fully qualified as well as having received advanced training at the International Dermal Institute. This ensures that every treatment is of the same high standards so that you can simply sit back and enjoy your pampering.
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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

The treatments you select are reserved especially for you. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment we kindly ask for 48 hours notice so we can accommodate our other clients.
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