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1707, 2019

Lift without Surgery

As we age, our bodies change, often producing more fat and less collagen. The result? A few more ‘unsightly areas’ than we would hope; we get wrinkles in places we never had them, areas start to sag, and cellulite becomes more noticeable. However, there are solutions. The Venus Treatment is one that can make […]

1207, 2019

“Turn back the clock” and give your skin a more youthful appearance

If you are unhappy with the appearance and texture of your skin, you may be wondering how you can improve it. Looking in the mirror every day and not being happy with the way your skin looks can be extremely frustrating. If you are really looking to improve the look and texture of your […]

907, 2019

2019 World Luxury Spa Awards

We are thrilled to share Simply Elegant has WON “BEST BEAUTY SALON” at the 2019 World Luxury Spa Awards. These annual Awards recognise and commend the most outstanding Beauty Salons and Spa’s world wide.

Simply Elegant                                   
Best Beauty Salon
Global Winner

Thank […]

2106, 2019

How to Winter Proof Your Skin

Is it just us or is it officially cold? All of a sudden it’s harder to get out of bed in the morning, our scarves and jumpers are out of hiding and cups of tea are made just to warm our hands. We’ve noticed that when this weather hits, wardrobe changes are second […]

1906, 2019

Finalists in the Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2019

We are so excited to share that we are Finalists in the Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2019

We have been nominated for:
✨ 2019 QLD Salon of the Year (5 treatment rooms or more)
✨ 2019 Best Customer Care
✨ 2019 Best Salon Design of the Year
✨ 2019 Best Salon Training of the Year
✨ 2019 Best Marketing of the […]

1406, 2019

Photorejuvenation in the Winter?

For those of us that may have over indulged in being kissed by the sun this summer, take heart! Now it the perfect time to reverse those bothersome sun spots.  Winter is prime time for skin regeneration when our time in the sun is usually more limited.  Which is important when undergoing photorejuvenation, as […]

3005, 2019

Skin Care through the ages –20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s & 60’s…

No matter what genetic hand you’ve been dealt, looking and feeling your best at any age means understanding your skin and learning about what changes to expect over time.

From your forehead down to your décolletage —there are typical changes that commonly occur in each decade of our lives and knowing what to expect […]

2405, 2019

A Skin-Care Wonder

You may have heard of the ingredient Hyaluronic Acid. Beauty editors, bloggers and skin care aficionados are currently having a serious love affair with it. It’s not a new ingredient, in fact, it has been a staple in skin care and makeup for the last couple of decades. However technical innovation has changed it for […]

2105, 2019

Summer Bodies are created in Winter

 With winter upon us it is time to get ready for the warmer months ahead. Venus Body Contouring is our most popular treatments this time of year. If you have never experienced Body Contouring then this is a fabulous way of reducing cellulite, contouring stubborn areas and tightening and toning. Start now and you can […]

2105, 2019

Winter Skin Care Tips

Our sun-kissed summer facade has long since faded, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept dull, lifeless-looking skin all winter long. This season we are not only on a mission to combat dryness and keep hydrated, but also to maintain a natural, healthy glow.
We all know that cooler weather plays havoc on our skin. […]