2207, 2020


What is a skin analysis? 

Our salon will offer an appointment with a highly trained skincare Therapist, who will undertake a detailed consultation about your skin and your current skin-care routine and will analyse your skin using a state of the art machine. The machine takes a photo of your skin and analyses the depth of […]

907, 2020

Venus is an easy, quick option that provides great results in the fight against aging. 

As we age, our bodies change, often producing more fat and less collagen. The result? A few more ‘unsightly areas’ than we would hope; we get wrinkles in places we never had them, areas start to sag, and cellulite becomes more noticeable. However, there are solutions. The Venus Treatment is one that can make all […]

1906, 2020

Why Clients Prefer Body Contouring Treatments Over Surgical Procedures

With the advancement of technology comes better and more effective treatments for a variety of ailments and issues. Today,  Body Contouring treatments offer a convenient alternative to going under the knife to get rid of stubborn areas of fat that you’d rather not have. Body shaping has been continually gaining a following since it hit the […]

606, 2020

7 reasons your skin is dehydrated and how to fix it

Winter! Yes it’s the time of year that your skin can look and feel seriously parched, think lack-lustre, inflamed, or just plain devitalized. Chances are your skin is simply dehydrated and in need of some serious moisture boosting love! And let’s not forget, even those with oily skin can be suffering from dehydration too! After […]

1604, 2020

Our team’s must-try recommendations on how to keep both your skin and well being in check

Whether you are now working from home, find yourself in isolation with extra time on your hands or are currently channeling your inner teacher while working a full-time job, practicing self-care is, and will continue to be imperative in these unsettling times.

From DIY facials and mini makeovers to pampering baths and eyebrow maintenance, we take […]

804, 2020

Self-quarantined at home? Time to clean up your beauty routine!

In this age of social distancing, many of us are being responsible and choosing to stay home.

While this is a “forced stay-cation”, let’s look on the bright side and believe that it isn’t so bad, especially when it basically forces you to find things to do at home to keep you busy and help fill […]

304, 2020

Self Care in Self Quarantine

Just remember even if you only have 10 minutes to take care of yourself and put yourself first, make it really count. We recommend indulging in this DIY facial once a week to maintain healthy skin until you can return to us at Simply Elegant for a full facial treatment….

In the meantime, if you need […]

903, 2020

Post Summer Skin Tips

Throughout summer we always emphasise the importance of wearing sun protection to help prevent skin cancer and delay the skin ageing process, however post-summer skin care is also vitally important as your skin steps into repair mode.

You may have diligently applied sun protection all summer and taken every precaution to look after your skin.  Despite […]

2102, 2020

Benefits of Microdermabrasion

As well as clearing away the dead skin cells, microdermabrasion also has other advantages.

Microdermabrasion Results:
Depending on your reason for having a microdermabrasion, you will notice results after your first treatment. This is particularly the case when being used to brighten the skin or remove blackheads. Other conditions, however, may require more sessions before you are […]

1502, 2020

LED Facials – What results will I achieve?

LED Facials are one of our Clients favorite treatments.    LED is non-invasive with no downtime so you walk out looking and feeling amazing. You will see immediate results after the first treatment the skin feels tighter, more alive due to the increased circulation, oxygenation and moisture. You will also notice a softening of the lines […]